Kate Siner Ph.D is a lifelong student of healing, born with strong intuition, a love of adventure, and a deeply caring nature. She started reading her first books on psychology and spirituality at fifteen years old. Since then, Kate has dedicated her life to understanding the human experience and how she can best help others to live the truth of who they are. 

Kate uses her diverse knowledge, advanced skill set, and expertise in myriad healing modalities to help seekers to transform their limitations, see their greatness, and step into the full expression of their being. She has inspired many students to share the healing they received with those in need. As a result, much of Kate’s work supports healers, practitioners, and other helpers in the fields of spiritual development and personal transformation to develop their skills and become who they need to follow their calling.

Sacred Lights Collective is an expression of almost 3 decades of personal study and practice in personal and spiritual development. In this project, she brings together masterful teachers, steadfast guides, and powerful visionaries to help support and illuminate you on your journey. Sacred Lights is an invaluable resource as you expand your awareness and capacity in all areas of your life.

To learn more about Kate Siner Ph.D and her spiritual development programs, visit her website at www.katesiner.com.