Devotion: The foundation of spiritual development and practice is gratitude, love, and a direct connection with the spiritual world.

Integrity: We walk our talk and strive to be people of moral character as living models – doing what we know is right, making adjustments, and apologizing when necessary.

Humility: We remain modest in our perspective of ourselves and generous in our respect for others. We own ignorance and recognize that we are still learning.

Honesty: We prioritize truthfulness and work to deconstruct social conditioning.

Expression: We honor and encourage personal expression and individual differences. We believe in the multiplicity of Oneness and strive to create harmony from our diversity.

Compassion: We exercise empathy and active listening. We strive to be understanding with ourselves and others. 

Respect: We recognize that each person is in a sacred evolutionary process. We trust in their unique process and honor their choices, beliefs, stories, and ways of being.

Humanness: We honor our human intelligences and our bodily wisdom as an essential part of the sacred unfolding and spiritual development.

Growth: Transformation is the foundation of Sacred Lights Collective. We support the spiritual development and evolutionary growth of all participants. 

Empowerment: We believe that each person’s spiritual authority is his or herself. We teach spiritual development in ways that do not infringe on this authority.

Support: We assist others in challenging moments, and make conscious decisions to not make assumptions or take anything personally.

Diversity: We honor diversity with empathy, compassion, representation, and acknowledgment. We strive to foster belonging and empowerment. 


6 Months

2x monthly coaching support in Small Group Cohort