Mystical and

Healing Arts


Mystical and Healing Arts




There is a sacred call. A call that is echoed in your heart – your deepest truth – inseparable from the whispers of the universe. You are a steward of the light and you are called to walk these ways to be in service for the healing and evolution of all. You are a mystic.

We do not start from scratch in our spiritual development but gain wisdom one life after another.

As a LightWorker, using ritual, healing, and ceremonial work, you’ve walked through eras, employing mystical healing under various titles and names.

The first step on your path to deeper remembrance begins with your choice to be in service.

Students of the Mystical and Healing Arts use these tools to help uplift all beings through the restoration of the Sacred.

While this path can be challenging, it is beautiful, magical, and deeply nourishing. It is a path that you have very likely said yes to time and time again.

The serious student, always learning, transcends study into mastery, built on living in each moment. When providence shifts, the spiritual path becomes clearer, abilities magnified in mystical healing.

The Mystical and Healing Arts program is an opportunity to strengthen your foundation and develop the skills that help you be of service and more completely realize the truth of who you are – a homecoming, a symphonic response to the call asking to be played.


RITUAL: Develop or deepen your practice of altar creation, daily spiritual practice, and offerings.

HEALING: Deepen your understanding of mediumship, channeling, and energy and how to use this understanding to help others heal.

CEREMONY: Understand the vital components of a powerful ceremonial process and be effective in their creation.

PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION: Strengthen your integrity and authenticity in all parts of your life. Uncover, ground, and actualize who you truly are.


EMPOWERMENT: We believe that all spiritual practice and teachings are stronger and truer when they honor the deep self of each individual and support this true experience.

HEALING THE ROOTS: We believe that much of the world’s disharmony is because of a loss of connection at the roots. Honoring and tending to these roots is a necessary restorative practice at this time.

UNMEDIATED CONNECTION: We believe that no one has the right to stand between another person and their spiritual connection.

THE MYSTERY: We believe that the great mystery, the unknowable void, is a portal to unlocking universal secrets.

DIVINE FEMININE: We believe that a balance of “divine masculine” and “divine feminine” is essential to a healthy world and seek to restore the wisdom of the divine feminine to restore this balance.

  • A stronger and more real spiritual connection
  • Deeper connection with your guides
  • Development of healing tools
  • A healthier and more attuned energetic system
  • Deeper relationship with deities and universal forces and how to work with them
  • Ability to craft sacred space
  • Understanding of essential components of ceremonial work
  • Ethics of healing
  • Mediumship development
  • Personal transformation
  • Powerful connection to a community of spiritual seekers and stewards of the light.
  • And more…
  • You would like to learn more about the practice of ritual, healing, and ceremonial work. 
  • You want to learn these tools without needing to abandon your own beliefs in any way. 
  • You believe that you have every right to a direct connection with spirit and choose that connection over any spiritual middleman. 
  • You are willing to live in your truth and search for real answers. 
  • You are looking for a place to study and evolve on your spiritual path with people who have a similar orientation. 


MAHA was a life-changing transformation and initiation into my spiritual life. It continues to give me the gift of fortifying my foundations and learning to love and tend to myself, others, and our world. For Spiritual seekers, there is no space I’d recommend for learning, development, and devotion, more than MAHA. My world has been forever changed.

Rebecca Caccavo

This program has gifted me with a higher sense of Awareness to Spirit, to my own divinity, seeing the importance of devotion and heart connected way of being. I am eternally grateful to Kate and her beautiful team.

Angelo Rodriguez

I took this program because I wanted to feel more confident and authentically connected to my spiritual path and practice. In MAHA, I build a foundation of knowledge and deeper, more clear connection to my Faith and my truth. Now, I confidently lean into my desire to be in devotion, to consistently practice my spiritual study and embody my higher self.


Business & Operations Manager

Kate is a wise sage, a gifted teacher and an engager of beauty and spirits. Her depth of knowledge astounds me.

Dr. Heather M Browne


I leave MAHA a more informed, deeper, and contemplative person. I know have more confidence in my healing abilities, a greater connection to spirt, and a toolbox of practices that I can use for the rest of my life.

Sienna Browne


The pure beauty and magical space that Kate invites us into has highlighted and transformed my heart, head and my whole understanding of the Mystical and Healing Arts.



The program Begins May 2nd

Monthly Online Group Calls, Self-Study Course Materials and Resources, Community Group in Sacred Lights Collective, and three 3-Day in-person intensives* with accompanying Study Manuals.

* located in Escondido, CA