Breathwork Basics

Learn the foundations of breath practices in order to begin and develop a personal journey with the transformational power of breath.

Breathing Human


4 Weeks | Online

with Aaron Hanson

An overview of the practice, science, history, and spiritual philosophy of breathwork. This course will help any beginner or novice get started on a path to regular breath practice that serves their life in a number of ways.

Each class will have about 20-25 minutes of real-time practices built in to solidify the concepts.

This is for you if: 

  • You are curious about breathwork and haven’t tried it yet.
  • You have tried breathwork a few times and want to deepen the relationship into a steady practice.
  • You are seeking ways to connect to alleviate anxiety and depression.
  • You are seeking tools to deepen your spiritual practice through the body.

Course Outline

Module 1- Breath as the Bridge:

A brief look at different cultures’ philosophy on the breath as well as the scientific findings of the present day. We will practice beginning a new relationship with our breath.

Module 2-The Science of Spirit:

An exploration of how manipulating the levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide can have incredible effects on the body.  

Research has only explained so much and many benefits still remain a mystery!

Module 3-Purpose and Intent:

Different breath practices have varying results.  We will look at which practices to use when in terms of the state of body and mind.

Module 4- Pushing the Limits:

How far can we take these powerful ancient practices given what we know about their effects?

The closing course will have a deeper and more powerful 40 minute guided practice.

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Launch your journey with breathwork by tapping this transformational power through what the ancients have taught for thousands of years!

Aaron Hanson Sacred Lights Collective


Aaron Hanson

Aaron helps people harmonize all aspects of their life with their higher Self and deeper purpose. He is an Integrative Transformational Coach, a Breathwork Facilitator, a Yoga Scholar and a Musician.  Aaron’s approach weaves together decades of studying the mind, the body, spirit and sound. These teachings all comes together through Aaron as he empowers people to raise their vibration and heed the call to action of their higher Self.  


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