coaching incubator


coaching incubator


Are you a coach or teacher who is ready to take your work out into the world and really make a difference?

Sacred Lights Collective is an online spiritual and personal development platform with integrated business education and coaching support, such as the Coaching Incubator Program.

This platform has been created to support practitioners and teachers in the personal and spiritual development space to rapidly grow their business – all while saving money and being a part of a great community!

What Sacred Lights Offers: 


  • Built-in opportunities to teach

  • Open-ended income potentiaL


  • Administrative Support

  • Marketing and Funnel Creation via Sacred Lights


  • Essential Business Development Classes

  • Monthly Group Coaching


  • Less effort more results

  • Less money invested more results

  • Scalable

Sacred Lights is about having an impact and making a difference together – We are mightier together than we ever could be alone!

Sacred Lights is about having an impact and making a difference together – We are mightier together than we ever could be alone!


Level 1: Set-Up

If you are already a coach or teacher, you can start by joining a 4-month business development training series. Where you will be taken step by step through your business development and how to use Sacred Lights to grow your business.

    If you have not trained to be a coach yet then, we suggest you join the Integrative Transformational Coaching Program!

    Find out more information on this program and submit your application by clicking the button below.

    If you are already a coach or teacher who is business savvy and does not need the incubator support, getting started will only require 3 onboarding calls.

    Apply for your consult by clicking the button below. 

    Sacred Lights can support you each step along the way.

    The incubator is there to help you be successful not to get in your way.

    Level 2: Grow and Scale

    After completing this program, you will have access to ongoing 2x/month group coaching to continue to support you in growing your teaching or coaching business within Sacred Lights and beyond.

    This means that you will have ongoing support for each phase of your business development.

    Level 3: Sustainable Success

    When you are ready, we will support you in getting additional support services to keep growing your business.


    The presentation below will give you a detailed overview of Sacred Lights as a platform, the benefits and support available as a coach/mentor/teacher, and how to get started. Download the presentation slides and watch the video presented by Kate Siner below!


    • Each portion of this program can be done separately and requires its own investment. (Coaching Training, Coaching Incubator, Small Group Coaching)
    • The purpose of this program is to give you everything that you need to be successful in doing what you love – not some canned version of what you love.
    • This program requires that you do work to make it successful. You must execute certain tasks to be successful in your business no matter how you approach it.
    • The program is designed to connect you with other people who are also growing their businesses so that you can benefit from supporting and being supported.
    • If you do the work and use the Sacred Lights platform, this program will save you a ton of money and time. In return, we ask that you pay a commission of 20% of any sales that come to you through Sacred Lights.
    • There is no cap on sales and no ceiling to your pricing. However, we will maintain a minimum charge throughout the platform.

    As a result of building your business in this way you will save tons of money and get your business up and running faster, be a part of a stellar community, and make that community even better through your contribution.

    Ready to launch your coaching practice?

    If you are already a coach or teacher, you can start by joining a 4-month business development training series. In the first part of the Coaching Incubator you will be taken step-by-step through your business development and how to use Sacred Lights to grow your business. 



    4 Months

    12 classes, 3 Q&A calls for support, Worksheets, and Action Steps.


    (or $555/month)


    6 Months

    2x monthly coaching support in Small Group Cohort



    Grow & Scale

    Additional Ongoing Support Services

    à la carte

    It takes a courageous person to step out and try to make a difference in this world… Are you one?



    If you take the coaching incubator or coaching training and decide you do not want to build your business inside Sacred Lights, you will have lost nothing.

    All of what is taught can be used to grow your business outside of Sacred Lights as well as inside.


    “I recently took Dr. Kate Siner’s Transformational Coaching Program. My intentions were to learn how to better communicate with my friends, family, and most importantly clients. I wanted to learn how to set boundaries within a professional and personal setting and learn how to help whoever’s in front of me. It’s important in my line of work to figure out goals, intentions and reasons as to why they are coming in. However, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of but with the tools and techniques I have learned it has become much more of an easy process and smoother relationship with my clients. I want to continue to take the teachings and expand upon them. I think the lessons and tools learned can help you in every aspect of one’s life. I also appreciated the organization, everyone showing up and being committed, and the course work. It was a well thought out and organized program. I recommend it for everyone. And … obviously Dr. Kate herself is so informative, kind and responsive.”


    “ITC provided me with the skills, understanding and confidence to work with clients and help them to transform their lives.”


    “Dr. Kate’s “Transformational Life Coaching” program is amazing! She pours herself into it to train Life Coaches the right way!! I’ve gained so much knowledge, wisdom and insight from her trainings! When I experience a difficult conversation or talking to someone with a personal problem, I immediately think about my training with Dr. Kate! It is a lifetime of valuable training that I don’t believe I could find anywhere else. I’ve seen other life coaching programs around that I’ve compared to this one and hands down, this one is the best! Why? You have a real live person in front of you. Although we have a training platform with training materials it is complimented with real sessions with Dr. Kate. Where can you find that anywhere? The value of the program honestly exceeded my expectation! “


    “Since working with Dr. Kate, I have deepened my impact, tripled my profit and aligned with my life’s purpose.”

    Emily Volden

    Licensed Social Worker and ADHD Specialist

    “I have had SO much fun and learned SO much in Kate’s Integrative transformational coaching program–highly recommend joining the next round which is being offered in January! Med students, people who work with people, anyone curious about the psychology of transformation, message me and I’d be happy to tell you more about my experience!”

    Hannah f.

    “Kate’s care, intuition and focus is a valuable cornerstone for individual development, all curated for the group setting of the ITC program. In group calls and online community interactions, I appreciated the opportunity to both witness and receive her ability to instantly meet each of us in moments of learning and growth. Kate’s teaching and coaching methods, leveraged with precise feedback and insight, foster growth, ability and confidence throughout the program.”

    Mark Chichester