Psychic Development

    Access and understand greater wisdom from the subtle realms of Spirit through developing and working with the foundations of your psychic capacities.

    Whether you have been working with your psychic senses for some time, are just beginning to open to them or you feel completely new to psychic experience, you are invited to join. This course will provide the foundations needed that can be worked with at any stage to further expand your psychic awareness and understanding of the subtle. We will cover concepts, practices and tools to support you in receiving and interpreting (or reading) psychic wisdom and messages.


    • 5 1-Hour Classes
    • Live Course in June- Recorded for Self-Paced Study

    Breathwork Basics

      Learn the foundations of breath practices in order to begin and develop a personal journey with the transformational power of breath.

      An overview of the practice, science, history, and spiritual philosophy of breathwork. This course will help any beginner or novice get started on a path to regular breath practice that serves their life in a number of ways.


      • 4 1-Hour Classes
      • Self-Paced, Pre-recorded Teachings with Aaron Hanson
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      Entheogens & Embodiment

        Learn to work optimally with plant medicines to heal and grow.

        Whether you have already journeyed with mushrooms, ayahuasca, or other plant medicines, or you are simply curious about medicine work as a path for personal and spiritual development, you are invited to join.

        The tools and practices in this mini-course will guide you to new levels in medicine work – and in your life – as you expand your consciousness into the depths of your body.


        • 4 1-Hour Classes
        • Self-Paced, Pre-recorded Teachings with Aria Everts
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        Human Body Systems for Healers

          Anatomy & Physiology 101

          An Introduction to the Human Body Systems | Integrating Mind, Body, Spirit

          In this class Hannah will teach on the foundational biomedical sciences, including anatomy, physiology, biology, physics, biochemistry, embryology, etc. Instead of working with this knowledge in a conventionally limiting way, we work with the sciences through a spirited lens that heightens our intuition and complements our energetic perception. The content is presented to be widely accessible to healers with different educational backgrounds.


          • 8 1-Hour Classes  + BONUS Class on Fascia
          • Self-Paced, Pre-recorded Teachings with Hannah Fadenrecht


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