Are you ready to get started helping others? Or, are you ready to deepen your work, increase your impact, and strengthen your business?

Become an Integrative Transformational Coach!

Why Coaching?

Coaching is an effective foundational skill supporting individuals in spiritual transformation, aiding practitioners to expand and grow their work.

Coaching is an accepted, adaptable, and financially viable modality that you can mix with your other skills as a healer, therapist, or other practitioner to produce greater results and more value for your clients. It is also a great starting point for people who want to work with others.

Why Integrative Transformational Coaching?

The Integrative Transformational Coaching Program teaches the foundations and most useful skills of coaching and helps participants integrate these new skills with their current work or can help new practitioners start powerfully on the path of meaningful life work supporting others transformation.

This type of training  supports orientations to practice that are more aligned with the intelligent, insightful, and spiritual students of the program than those of much of the coaching industry.

“I teach coaching because it works. It is effective and relatively easy to learn. It is accessible for people who want to get started working with others or want to deepen their healing practice.” -Dr. Kate 

“I teach coaching because it works. It is effective and relatively easy to learn. It is accessible for people who want to get started working with others or want to deepen their healing practice.” -Dr. Kate 


Feedback and direct mentoring: There is very little as helpful to your work as the direct feedback and support of someone who has been in the field for years. This program provides you with direct feedback on your coaching.

It’s about you: If you want to be a top coach like Tony Robbin’s you are best off studying with him or whomever your ideal is. If you want to be great at what YOU do, this program has been created to give you the right support.

More than just coaching: Most people attending this program are not interested in just coaching (some are). They are passionate about working with others. What they often don’t know is how much coaching can support what they do and how much more they will receive in this program other than just learning coaching.

Precision: The support and feedback in the program that you receive is direct to where you are and what you need -helping you and your work grow faster.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Orientation: If coaching has sometimes come across as superficial and overly materialistic, this program will connect you with its less prevalent dimensions and show you how it can be an aid to truly help others and to deepen and strengthen your work in the realm of spiritual transformation.

Practice development: Monthly open calls and business support documents help you make more money doing what you love.


The Integrative Transformational Coaching Certification Program (ITC) is supported by Dr. Kate’s years of experience as a coach and mentor.

Kate trains exceptional people to be even more exceptional in two ways: one is to help them become experts in individual and group transformational process and the other is to help them become more powerful, impactful people. In her past 20 years, Kate has worked in many capacities in the therapy/life coaching/self-help world.

Through her varied experiences, Kate has learned a lot about what does and does not work. These transformational trainings bring together all this knowledge in tailored, effective, and intimate programs that give you access to an unparalleled level of knowledge and support.

Many people who work with Dr. Kate in her coaching training have mixed feelings about the coaching industry. However, the Integrative Transformational Coaching Certification Program uses the co-active coaching model. This brings the best of coaching forward in a thorough, effective, and easily applicable way to help practitioners of all kinds become better at what they do and to help people new to the field gain a tool for beginning their work with others.


  • Become more successful and deeply fulfilled in your helping or healing work.

  • Apply all your skills from past trainings and different modalities to define your unique, marketable, integrative style.

  • Be profitable doing what you love while helping others.

  • Find balance and well-being in your life through the success you experience as a coach.

  • Completion of this program qualifies you to apply for Dr. Kate’s more advanced guide and healing programs. 

Learn powerful coaching skills, define your own integrative style, and step into your success!

Learn powerful coaching skills, define your own integrative style, and step into your success!


  • You have an avid and passionate interest in helping facilitate personal development for yourself and others.
  • You are curious about coaching and want to learn more about it and how you might use it in life and work.
  • You are trained in one or more therapeutic or healing modalities and want to leverage these skills with an accepted, adaptable, and financially viable method to achieve greater results for your clients and your practice.
  • You love what you do and are ready and eager to have more people engaged in your practice.
  • You want to help others grow and transform and you are wondering what is the best way to get started. 


  • Six-month coaching certification program.
  • Primary Skills Intensive: Initial practice intensive to learn foundational coaching skills.
  • Peer Coaching: From day one, you’ll work with your peers to share support and grow toward mutual excellence.
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Online Classroom: You’ll explore the field of coaching and find your specific passion with informed, guided assistance, support resources, learning materials and material reviews.
  • Live Group Practice: Regular opportunities to practice coaching and get feedback.
  • Private Group in Sacred Lights Collective: Stay in contact with your support group. Share your assignments and insights as your coaching grows in this online coaching group.

This is a prerequisite for the Integration Coaching Certification Program and a recommended skillset for the Sacred Lights Coaching Incubator Program. 


    Each Module is Designed to be completed in 30 days with approximately 7 hours of attention needed a week. This includes about 5 hours of self-study and assignments, 1 hour of peer coaching practice, and about 2 hours to practice with clients weekly should you wish to finish all program requirements within 6 months.

    This sequential format is aimed at growing the essential skills you need to become an Integrative Transformational Coach.

    Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Coaching

    In this module, you will learn about what coaching is, where it came from, and how it can be used.

    You will be preparing for the Basic Skills Intensive, which is required for you to start completing your practice sessions and peer coaching sessions.

    Module 2: A Simple Coaching Structure | Process Overview and Basic Skills Intensive

    Starting a session and determining the objective after reviewing the simple coaching structure.

    At this point in time, you will be signed up for your practice sessions and begin to dive more deeply into co-active coaching.


    Module 3: Starting a Session and Determining Objectives

    IAC Masteries 1 and 2. What it means to really listen, establish rapport, and how to reveal the objectives for the coaching session. 

    At this point, you will be regularly practicing during your peer coaching sessions and ongoing practice sessions that you have signed up for.

    Module 4: Working on the Presenting Problem (Part 1)

    9 Powerful Skills to master plus IAC Masteries 3 and 4. 

    Module 5: Working on the Presenting Problem (Part 2)

    Understanding your client’s needs and limiting beliefs. IAC Masteries 5  through 8. 

    Module 6: Establishing Next Steps, Acknowledging Progress, and Ending the Work

    IAC Mastery 9. Boundaries, dual relationships, referrals, and ethics in your practice. 


    1: Get More Information

    Watch the Information call for Integrative Transformational Coaching —an informative webinar about the positive impact that coaching skills can have in your life and your work. You will also learn about Dr. Kate’s four essential elements of creating impactful and profitable work.

    2: Submit Your Application

    Apply for your consultation call with Kate Siner PhD. You will receive. an email from our admin team to help you set up your call with Kate. 



    Complete the Integrative Transformational Coaching Program and certification and take your healing practice to a new level!

    “I recently took Dr. Kate Siner’s Transformational Coaching Program. My intentions were to learn how to better communicate with my friends, family, and most importantly clients. I wanted to learn how to set boundaries within a professional and personal setting and learn how to help whoever’s in front of me. It’s important in my line of work to figure out goals, intentions and reasons as to why they are coming in. However, it can be difficult to get to the bottom of but with the tools and techniques I have learned it has become much more of an easy process and smoother relationship with my clients. I want to continue to take the teachings and expand upon them. I think the lessons and tools learned can help you in every aspect of one’s life. I also appreciated the organization, everyone showing up and being committed, and the course work. It was a well thought out and organized program. I recommend it for everyone. And … obviously Dr. Kate herself is so informative, kind and responsive.”


    “ITC provided me with the skills, understanding and confidence to work with clients and help them to transform their lives.”


    “Dr. Kate’s “Transformational Life Coaching” program is amazing! She pours herself into it to train Life Coaches the right way!! I’ve gained so much knowledge, wisdom and insight from her trainings! When I experience a difficult conversation or talking to someone with a personal problem, I immediately think about my training with Dr. Kate! It is a lifetime of valuable training that I don’t believe I could find anywhere else. I’ve seen other life coaching programs around that I’ve compared to this one and hands down, this one is the best! Why? You have a real live person in front of you. Although we have a training platform with training materials it is complimented with real sessions with Dr. Kate. Where can you find that anywhere? The value of the program honestly exceeded my expectation! “


    “Since working with Dr. Kate, I have deepened my impact, tripled my profit and aligned with my life’s purpose.”

    Emily Volden

    Licensed Social Worker and ADHD Specialist

    “I have had SO much fun and learned SO much in Kate’s Integrative transformational coaching program–highly recommend joining the next round which is being offered in January! Med students, people who work with people, anyone curious about the psychology of transformation, message me and I’d be happy to tell you more about my experience!”

    Hannah f.

    “Kate’s care, intuition and focus is a valuable cornerstone for individual development, all curated for the group setting of the ITC program. In group calls and online community interactions, I appreciated the opportunity to both witness and receive her ability to instantly meet each of us in moments of learning and growth. Kate’s teaching and coaching methods, leveraged with precise feedback and insight, foster growth, ability and confidence throughout the program.”

    Mark Chichester