Aaron is a coach, meditation teacher and musician educated in yoga philosophy, music, sound technology, and mystical traditions.  His experience as a yoga teacher, band leader, coach and student of spirituality combine in his work to help others toward self transformation. 

His passions blend together through teaching students to harmonize the aspects of body, mind and spirit through the practices of prayer, meditation, movement, and sound. His teaching philosophy is that when these aspects align with the frequency of divinity we are raising our individual vibration in ways that can influence and inspire others to do the same.



Shaena is a spiritual life coach who uses movement, embodiment and heart activation to support individuals in their transformational journey.  Her years spent dedicated to studying and practicing dance give her a unique approach to understanding the wisdom of our physical bodies and the energetic world we move about.  She is passionate about helping to find and restore a balance between the feminine and masculine energies through reestablishing a connection to our heartspace. 

Shaena is a certified Kakao Facilitator and over the past few years, has been leading people back to their hearts through Cacao Ceremonies.  She is dedicated to continuing to expand her breadth of knowledge and has spent years studying Mystical and Healing Arts, Gene Keys, anatomy and kinesiology, Elemental Wisdom, and Transformational Coaching, to name a few. 



Hannah is a mystical, queer osteopathic student and healer with special interests in birth, life transitions, and balancing of the sacred masculine and feminine. Her practice derives from osteopathic techniques such as craniosacral therapy; somatic nervous system awareness; ayurvedic philosophy; and the Mystical And Healing Arts program. She also teaches Osteopathic Principles and Techniques to first- and second-year medical students.

Her goal is to learn everything possible to help people discover greater health and wellness in their body. In her free time, Hannah enjoys being in water, singing and dancing in her sunlit Los Angeles apartment, basking in the moonlight, celebrating Shabbat, and being an extrovert. 



Twenty two years ago, Kerri was inspired to create a wellness center that provided the environment, quality, and attention to detail she was looking for and Healing in Harmony was born. Kerri is passionate about continuous improvement both for herself and the center. Her own personal, spiritual, and professional growth is enduring and perpetual. She constantly takes classes, workshops, seminars, and in-depth business programs in order to keep fine‐tuning and growing the center in order to best meet client needs. In the past several years, to add to her ever-growing list of healing approaches, Kerri received her first training in shamanism and crystal bowl healing training.

Additionally, she’s explored Systemic Constellation and Human Design modalities of healing, Integrative Healing and Mystical And Healing Arts Dr. Kate Siner to deepen and hone her own healing skills, and  ritual and ceremony practices. She is currently enrolled in Energetic Medicine training.  Kerri is also a trained and certified Transformational Coach and integrates that skill in her Soul Work Mind-Body Healing sessions.



Serenity Tedesco is a published writer, social justice activist, transformational life coach, and scholar-practitioner of the yoga traditions. She earned her Master of Arts in Yoga Studies at Loyola Marymount University where she completed research focused on philosophy, emotional psychology, and its effects on modern transnational yoga culture. She specializes in practical wisdom that engages with society, ignites embodied experience as a practice, and embraces emotion as a compass for self-study (svadhyaya). She has written on topics of identity, emotion, spiritual bypass, capitalism, colonialism, and racial inclusion.

Serenity was introduced to yoga as a child on the foothills of mountains in South Korea. Eastern spirituality was the backdrop of her life; she grew up in a family of natural healers, philosophers, and religious scholars. She also lived in India from 2010-2011, where she immersed herself in Yoga, Jain, Hindu, Sindhi, and Tibetan Buddhist cultures and practices. She lectures at universities, yoga studios, transformation festivals, and educational events, and workshops, and works as a consultant for fellow yoga teachers, scholars, and conscious entrepreneurs.



Jessica is a multi-passionate who runs her online small business right at home in Arizona. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene, and spent five years practicing, then chose to forge a new path. Her ability to build rapport within minutes of meeting a stranger and to create a vulnerable bond within that hour was mastered in holding space for those who sat in her Dental Chair. This experience proved her passion to inspire, teach, and nurture.

Jess’s experience in battling Chronic Illness has been her greatest teacher in feeling all emotions and human senses fully while gaining a deeper knowledge of whole-body health, profound self-awareness, and the ability to Create Art from Pain.

Now, she virtually manages operations for spiritual businesses, including Sacred Lights with Kate Siner PhD. Jess loves to be the “integrator” in business by holding space for all components, seeing how they all link together, and developing the process to create the vision.


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